The 6 Elemental Rings are rings from "The Ancients".

History Edit

These rings were used in the Ancient war of Moonia and Shadowia. The 6 Ancient Moonia Warriors and their Bakugan used the rings to evolve other Bakugan and power up Bakugan. Once the war was over, the 6 Bakugan were forced to be sealed in the rings to save Moonia from being destroyed because, they had evolved and their Gs was off the charts. So after that, the 6 Ancients Moonia Warriors sealed them into the rings and put them into Ancient Sacred cities. Years later, the Bakugan broke out and left the rings behind safe. The 6 Bakugan have been spotted all over Moonia through the past years and they still do, looking for their descendants of the Ancient Moonia Warriors.

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