Blaze Phos is Phos's third evolution. He evolves from Infernado Phos after a battle against Armageddeon, Mercuritron's "deputy".


Blaze Phos contains the most change in any of Phos's evolutions. On top of that, he gains Armageddeon's shape-shifting abilities after absorbing his powers. His personality also splits into seven, allowing him to deal with more than one enemy at once.


Blaze Phos gains a new armor plate on his chest, resembling a blazing fire, hence the name "Blaze Phos". His arrangement of heads changes as well. Instead of having three heads on top, two on his shoulders, and two at his waist, he now has three on each side of his back, and one at the normal head position. As usual, his poison becomes more deadly, and his loyalty to Zindiga increases.

Ability CardsEdit

  • Hydra Surge:
  • Blazing Aura:
  • Battle Clear: Defeats every Bakugan on the field, including himself.
  • Ultima Spitfire:
  • Phosphate Cannon (Phos Fate Cannon):