• Digimaster1

    Last time, Masters was challenged to brawl the Dark Master. The team went to New Vestroia where Phantom and Zeke had a rematch. Phantom was losing and his bond with Hawktor was weak, causing the Mechtogan Ventus Silent Strike to appear. Gaining slight control, Hawktor defeated his Evil Twin, Phantom won the Emerald Jewel Fragment, and Hawktor used that power to master his Mechtogan and evolve into Ventus Tornado Hawktor. Now Masters and the Dark Master will brawl...

    Me: "Gate Card Set! Bakugan Brawl! Bakugan Stand! Rise Pyrus Lumino Dragonoid!"

    Dark Master: "Now witness the Ultimate Bakugan in battle! Bakugan Brawl! Bakugan Stand! Rise White Drakohex!"

    Phantom: "That Bakugan is attributeless, how is it gonna brawl?"

    Jade: "You'll see."

    Me: "Abi…

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  • Digimaster1

    Last time, Masters and the BECB infiltrated the Dark Hex HQ to free Phantom and App, but they were attacked. Will the intense battling and energy released, Drakohex was finally fully healed. His Forbidden Power was greater than expected. The team escaped, but they were scared. What they didn't know is that there was another evil, hidden underground.

    Phantom, Jade, Emilia, Axel, Destroyer, App, Vex, and I are having a meeting.

    Me: "Ok, NOT GOOD! The most powerful evil Bakugan we've ever seen has been awakened and we have to stop it somehow!"

    Phantom: "We can take him!"

    Jade: "You don't get it. I've seen Drakohex and he is not a Bakugan you ever wanna mess with."

    Me: "Wait... How could you have seen Drakohex brawl?"

    Jade: "Well... How about you te…

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  • Digimaster1

    "Ability activate! Parasitic Void!!!" A demonic monster Bakugan unleashed an army of small parasites, draining the power and defeating the opposing Bakugan army.

    Bakugan: "Are we done here? This bores me."

    "I guess this IS too easy. We got what we came here for anyway. Let's see... The next most powerful Bakugan is on Earth."

    Bakugan: "A Pyrus Helix Dragonoid."

    "Your amazing sensing ability. C'mon, let's go." The masked brawler and his Bakugan left their planet with no regard for all the Bakugan they defeated.

    Brawler 1: "Such amazing power, who was he?"

    Brawler 2: "I dunno, but I hope Earth can handle him."


    I'm a typical Bakugan brawler. My name is Brawley X Masterz, but most people just call me Masters. Right now, my best friend and brawling par…

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  • Pyrusbrawler900

    Me: How did you become Zenthon Titan?

    Zenthon Titan: You and Drago are beyond in sync, causing me to have enough energy to do that. If we all work together, we can make a new Zenthon body, I will go in it, and Zenthon Titan will be born with his own identity. We will exist simultaneously.

    Me: Let's do it!

    Drago: We could faint afterwards...

    Me: We have to...when we wake up, we can help much better.

    Drago: Can't argue with that.

    We did it, and Zenthon Titan was truly born. We looked up to watch the battle, surprised at not fainting.

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  • Digimaster1

    Last time, the Dark Master gave Zeke the Emerald Jewel Fragment and a mission to defeat the BECB and bring him Drago. He defeated Phantom and App, they were captured and their Hawktors were used as Drakohex's latest meal. Enraged, Masters gathers the team, heads to Dark Hex HQ, frees App, find Phantom, but the team ends up surrounded.

    The Dark Hex Brawlers surrounded us along with many guards.

    Me: "Phantom, who's the masked dude?

    Phantom: "The Dark Master, he leads the Dark Hex Brawlers."

    Dark Master: "Yes, and once you give me your Dragonoid, you will meet my partner Bakugan Drakohex."

    Me: "Not a chance."

    Dark Master: "Than prepare to be terminated. Land the ship so avoid us crashing. Now... Attack!"

    Dark Hex: "Bakugan Brawl! Bakugan Stand!"


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  • Digimaster1

    Last time, the BECB continued to search New Vestroia for clues to finding the Elemental Orbs. Jade and Emilia searched the South and ran into Dark Hex Soldiers, easily won, then had to battle Dark Hex Brawlers Rina and Princess Katana. Emilia's Olifus defeated Katana's Lumagrowl, but Rina's Gren defeated Olifus. Katana got back in the brawl and was seriously destroying Jade and Brawlacus Dharak. Emilia got Jade's will back and together, they were able to defeat the Dark Hex Brawlers.

    Location: Laboratory

    Situation: Attempting to heal Drakohex with the Shadow Jewel Fragment

    Drakohex: "Why is it not working?!"

    Dark Master: "The Shadow Jewel Fragment is not enough to fully heal Drakohex. Scientist, explain why."

    Scientist: "Drakohex is not a pure …

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  • Pyrusbrawler900

    Drago and I walked down tired, and broken. We had faced another member of the strange group attacking us, and barely escaped.

    Me: (cough cough) Do you think anyone will hate us for this?

    Drago: No. Not if they have any sense. We saved a few of their own, remember?

    Me: Good point.

    I walked on, and Drago went to rest in my pocket. I looked down, and bumped into hard metal. It was the armor of another enemy.

    Me: Who are you?

    He revealed himself to be Talmat, and his Bakugan to be Bioshock.

    Me: Are you a friend?

    I looked up at his immense figure.

    Talmat: To some. Come with me.

    He led us to another city. Now that two major cities were destroyed, all the cities were bound to be cramped like this one. At that moment Drago woke up.

    Drago: Ohh..who is this?


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  • SaluteMeImWinx

    Ok, I'm redoing my RP So here. (TBC)

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  • Firestormblaze


    April 7, 2011 by Firestormblaze

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  • Firestormblaze

    Pyrus Storm dragonoid (Storm) is one of the 12 forbidden Bakugan that may not be defeated. Firestormblaze is the brawler of Pyrus Storm Drago.

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  • SaluteMeImWinx

    Should we make Character themes for our RP Characters? Example: [[1]]

    So should we? I think it'll be awesome.

    I am who I am And guess what? I don't speak BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!!!! So Bye.. 15:17, April 1, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Bendos the Silent

    Last time, Bendo and Phos met up with Space Typhoon's guardian, Ventinoid. Ventinoid was easily defeating Phos until Crawlobra flew in, and bought Phos time to use some of his more powerful abilities. After that, Ventinoid surrendered, and joined Bendo's team to help them get into Space Typhoon. With a guide helping them, Bendo and Phos now have higher chances of getting to the Hearts before Hexticon and Sphinxus...

    Crawlobra: HOW MUCH FURTHER?

    Ventus: Patience, we're almost there.

    When we get there, won't Space Typhoon tear us apart?

    Ventus: No, I broadcast a signal that only the Typhoon can pick up, and it recognizes me. Like I said before, Space Typhoon is alive.

    Ah. Well, are there any other guardians?

    Ventus:No, but the trek to the Hearts i…

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  • Pyrusbrawler900

    Me: Ability activate! Blazer Saber, Titanium Rumble, Dragon Hard Striker!

    Drago flew ahead. He was so focused on the attack that he never noticed he was being fired on.

    Barnuk: CORE BURST NANO!

    Me: LOOK OUT!

    He swerved around with his speed and attacked too fast to dodge. Sometimes an attack can double as a defense, I guess.

    Chondraktix: WHAT? NOOOO!

    He shoved the sword into the spaces between Nanos, then tried to rip them apart. But we weren't a perfect team, and he spewed lightning everywhere.


    The lightning became more powerful than before, and almost hit me. I realized that was the idea, and buildings crashed down between me and Drago. Still, my old plan would work like before.

    Drago: TAKE THAT!

    Barnuk: HOW ABOUT THIS, …

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  • Firestormblaze


    March 25, 2011 by Firestormblaze

    'Firebreathers 'are dragon-like humanoids that may change their form at will,breath fire,and minipulate gravity

    Firebreathers have two forms. A fake form, and their real form . All that is known about their real form, is that it is hardly ever seen unless they are mad or on their home planet Pyren.

    Firebreathers have the scales of a dragon,to withstand fireblasts to the hottest degree possible . Most Firebreathers are believed to be brutish mindless beasts , but they are really the smartest "beasts" in 8 galaxies, They are un-able to be mind controlled.Some have high-tempers and other don't.There blood is as Hot as magma and flows faster than the wind.

    Firebreaths are impervious to heat,can controll fire,and air.They can fly faster than any s…

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  • Bendos the Silent

    Last time, Bendo was ambushed by Zarin and Farinx while Phos was training in the Zindigan Destroyer. Bendo was losing with his weaker Bakugan, but he unleashed a new technology that fused them into Razen Ripper, and he won. Now, he continues his journey to find Space Typhoon...

    Phos: Come on, I missed a battle against those creeps?!


    Phos: Dang it...

    Well, we have more important matters on our hands. Like finding Space Typhoon.

    Phos: True that.

    (A strong wind suddenly hits the ship)


    Phos: WHAT WAS THAT?!

    I would say it was Eaglator, but he isn't that strong...

    Phos: Maybe it's, Space Typhoon?

    Dunno. (Looks out one of the "windows")


    Okay... that's weird.

    (Another wind hits the ship, and it collides into a passing asteroid)

    DAG NAB IT! …

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  • SaluteMeImWinx

    (Read Part 1 to get a better understanding of this. If you don't than you won't understand this and that will be so bad)

    In the last part, the Moonia Warriors met up with the Shadow Warriors. Than, Nikki, Hannah, Stella and Solar brawled each other. In this part they will finish up that brawl. Watch what will happen next.


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  • Digimaster1

    Last time, the BECB decided to test Jade Nedski's brawling style to see if she was worthy to become their Haos brawler. Destroyer brawled her with Darkus Dharak. She used Haos Brawlacus Dharak. What the team didn't know is that Jade has one of the pieces of an Attributal Orb, the Luminescent Jewel Fragment. She used it to create a special Battle Gear for her Dharak, Luminescent Crezenkor. Jade won, but the brawlers still have their suspicions. Meanwhile, the Dark Master is prepared to sent his daughter to track down the Luminescent Jewel Fragment...

    Dark Master: “Anything to report?”

    Scout: “Negative, my king. We are still searching the area.”

    Duncan: “Father, why did you not send me to search the area?”

    Dark Master: “The Brawlers are most lik…

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  • DarkusMaster

    Voice your opinion.

    March 14, 2011 by DarkusMaster

    Should I make an R.P. with ONLY my Bakugan, like PD, Cyclone, D. Titanium, and others? You've been warned... 00:40, March 14, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Pyrusbrawler900

    We woke up on the planet we were defending. I felt like giving up, but then how much better would I be than a coward? Or maybe Skreds, who stormed off. I had a feeling he was the one who shot down Fulkue's ship. But I couldn't ask anyone, because I was in the infirmary.

    Me: Hey! Someone! Is anyone here?

    A doctor came in.

    Doctor: Oh! Good! You're awake! Can you battle?

    Drago: I'm too tired! Dang! What's going on?

    Me: I can, but I don't know if Drago can take it.

    Doctor: He has to! You were out for 2 days! A Haos brawler, Barnuk, is attacking us with his Bakugan, Chondraktix!

    Me: He was hit with shockwaves from a RAIL GUN! AND AN ABILITY! HE WENT TO BALL FORM! HOW IS HE HERE!?

    Doctor: What part of 2 days do you not understand?! Everyone but Kavahi i…

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  • GaiaDrago

    The conquerer

    March 8, 2011 by GaiaDrago

    Zombie:Mutant T,I'm so sorry! i guess i'm gonna have to destroy you anyway (Skeletons come out of a grave)

    Mutant T:I THOUGHT-(Everything is pitch black)

    ???:FIRE IN THE HOLE! (Turrets from back shoot)

    Mutant T:A grakas,what did spectra do to you?

    ???:A grakas? He's a trap! i'm the actual bakugan! my name is Houndkiller (He's the bakugan on my Avatar)

    Mutant T:Houndkiller....hmmmm.Are you the cousin of Octokrokt?

    Houndkiller:Octokrokt,MAN,he's still alive?

    Mutant T:yes.

    Houndkiller:Wow that's- (A hyper pulsor flies past his head) PENTRAX,WHAT DID I TELL YOU ABOUT BREAKING NANOS!!!

    Pentrax:You know,A thousand broken nanos can create a mechtogan

    Thunderbolt:Why do i have a skirt even though i'm a boy?

    Mutant T:All elfins have that.OH LOOK AT THE TIME!


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  • Pyrusbrawler900

    I met many new friends that day. All were willing to help and were ready for a good fight.

    The Ventus brawler was Shandor. His Bakugan was Torrix.

    The Aquos brawler was Kavahi. His Bakugan was Tritrax.

    The Haos brawler was Fulkue. Her Bakugan was Nitor.

    The Subterra Brawler was Skreds. His Bakugan was Krongator.

    The Darkus Brawler was Shakran. His Bakugan was Stelton.


    Shandor: Well, we shouldn't just sit around. Now that we know each other, let's go on our mission.

    Me: Mission?

    Kavahi: We were told about it early so we could tell you. We need to go to the Vortex Hand HQ on Zakaxenon.

    Shakran: We need a plan though.

    Skreds: Not without smashing stuff!

    Fulkue: Oh Skreds. I almost forgot how smart you aren't.

    Skreds: Hey!

    We all laughed, even Skreds.


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  • Bendos the Silent

    Last time, Bendo and Phos were visited by a mysterious girl who told them that they must find the Hearts. Before long, she left. Now, Bendo turns his attention to finding Space Typhoon, the only black hole that could have swallowed the Hearts...

    Bah, Space Typhoon, where are you?

    Phos: Dunno. A black hole is hard to find, even with OUR tech.

    Yeah. And Space Typhoon is the trickiest.

    Phos: What do we do?

    Continuing our search. Not much else we can do.

    Phos: *Sigh* I'm going to go train. (Floats out of the room)

    (Looks out of the "window") Nothing but asteroids...

    (In the training arena...)

    Phos: (Pummeling drones) Jeez, no challengers?!

    Con: I'm good.

    Claw: Later.

    (Back on the bridge...)

    Wait a minute... *squints*

    (A huge shadow covers the ship)

    What the.…

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  • Pyrusbrawler900

    Drago: We can't leave him here. We have to go back, and we have to tell them what happened.

    Me: We probably will be hated. Look what we did.

    I pointed to the destroyed cities.

    Drago: It's not our fault. They attacked us and killed Parunu. We had to fight them.

    Me: I know, but if the average people are like average people from Earth, they'll be stubborn and angry.

    Drago: That doesn't sound good...

    Zenthon: I should transport you. We DO have a job to do.

    Me: Fine. Just be ready if they attack us.

    Drago: Yep. Some people are crazy....

    Zenthon: .......Preparing to transport you.

    He rose to his full height, making even Drago look like a midget. Drago went to my pocket and Zenthon held us in one hand, Parunu in the other. We were teleported away.


    The de…

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  • SaluteMeImWinx

    In the last episode, The Moonia Warriors found Dave. Winx brawled him but a sudden blast came and stopped the brawl. Once they thought it couldn't get worse, it did. The Shadow Warriors came. What will happen? Find out!!

    (The Shadow Warriors contains 6 brawlers of each element. The Pyrus brawler:Dora. The Subterra brawler: Steve. The Haos Brawler: Hannah. The Darkus brawler and leader: Koby. The Aquos brawler: Tom. And the Ventus brawler: Nikki)

    Koby: Look who we have, the Moonia Warriors all together!

    Dora: Yeah. Haven't seen you guys in forever..

    Winx: What do you want?

    Stella: YEAH!

    Hannah: We're here to well what all enemies do!

    Nikki: Yeah. To finish what happened thousands of years ago. The Shadow-Moon War!

    All of the MW: WHAT!?!?!?!

    Hydro: I…

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  • Kyleronco

    An unusual seeing

    February 26, 2011 by Kyleronco

    Strike: What is that.

    Chance: I don't know.

    Sab: It looks dark.

    Mysterious Bakugan: (Speaks in low voice) This will not be your part.

    Strike: What?

    Mysterious Bakugan: This is my land.

    Chance: WHAT?!?

    Mysterious Bakugan: (Shoots a powerful beam at Chance knocking him out)

    Chance: (Moans in pain)

    Strike: (Uses Mirage Typhoon) YOU WILL PAY!

    Sab: (Uses bull charge)

    Mysterious Bakugan: (Doesn't get hurt)

    Strike: NOT A SCRATCH!

    Mysterious Bakugan: (Knocks out Strike and Sab with a punch)

    Ex: (Wraps hands around the mysterious Bakugan and throws it)

    TBC by 2/28/11 Dusk is strike time

    Mysterious Bakugan: (Falls) OUCH!

    Ex: WHO ARE YOU!

    Mysterious Bakugan: Ok ok I'm Winguard.

    Ex: What're you doin' here

    Mysterious Bakugan: Dilivering a message to the Zindigians

    Ex: They ar…

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  • DarkusMaster

    If you want to star in this RP, comment below.

    Here's the plot: "Long ago, a race of Elite Bakugan known as 'The Hybrids' were a well-respected race with little problems with the other Bakugan, if any. However, a dark group known as 'The Anti-Hybrids' devises a plan to take the Hybrid Bakugan's power. As they attack, a Pyrus/Darkus Hybrid flees the area, coming in contact with a Gundalian. His Bakugan gladly accept this Hybrid into the group, as does the Gundalian himself, and the Hybrid is named 'Titanium'. As they go on with their lives, they come in contact with numerous members of the Anti-hybrids, ready to seize Titanium by all means necessary. Will the Gundalian be able to protect Titanium? Only time will tell."

    What do you think? The …

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  • Pyrusbrawler900


    Unstoppable energy spewed out of Fracflare, melting anything it even got close to.




    Drago launched his attacks with such force that it went inside the other attack, Shaking and rumbling the two attacks flared into the heavens.


    Drago flew at top speed, spinning in his own flames, with a glare in his eyes, a righteous glare that you could almost see the universe inside. He ran straight through the attack, harnessing it around him.


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  • Bendos the Silent

    Last time, Bendo and Phos defeated Crawlobra and Slax. They learned afterwards that Slax was being used as a puppet by an evil force of some sort. They have no idea who this is, and are currently pondering who this evil could be...

    (Back on the Zindigan Destroyer)

    (Sitting in a chair, reading a book)

    Phos: (Floats next to me) What'cha readin'?

    (Doesn't answer)

    Phos: Bendo?

    Con: I think it would be best if we didn't bother him now.

    Phos: Fine. (Floats away)

    (Turns a page) AHA!

    Phos: What?

    I may have found out what this force could be... (Points to a page in the book)

    Phos: Sphinxus? But he doesn't appear strong enough...

    He could be holding back.

    Phos: I doubt it's him.

    (Sigh) I guess you could be right. (Closes book, and stands up)

    Phos: Training?

    Eh, why…

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  • Pyrusbrawler900

    Rontraz's hand charged with energy.

    Rontraz: You have no idea what we can do.

    Me: Try anything you got!

    His hand energy surrounded his fingers, and cards came out.

    Rontraz: Quintuple ability activate!!!!!!!!!!!

    Me: WHAT?

    Fracflare: We are capable of things you can't even imagine! Our dimensions is beyond anything you pathetic weaklings have dreamed of!

    Rontraz: Solar Cosmix!

    A beam shot up and a huge flash lit up above us. The sky went dark, then thousands, maybe millions, of energy bolts came down and filled Fracflare with their power.

    Rontraz: Now we have the power of the stars!


    He charged, surrounded by explosions and bolts that made me dizzy to watch.

    Drago: Focus! Here …

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  • Digimaster1

    Ok, I've noticed lots of people are writing RPs again. Also, some people haven't named their RPs. I was thinking we should have pages that explain our RPs, like how Bakugan Wiki has pages for Battle Brawlers, NV, GI, and MS. Also, don't make fun of other people's stories

    Mine-Bakugan RP: Dimensional Heroes

    Bendo-Xian Infiltration

    See how few people name their RPs?

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  • Digimaster1

    RP Discussion

    February 25, 2011 by Digimaster1

    Ok, I've noticed lots of people are writing RPs again. Also, some people haven't named their RPs. I was thinking we should have pages that explain our RPs, like how Bakugan Wiki has pages for Battle Brawlers, NV, GI, and MS. Also, don't make fun of other people's stories

    Mine-Bakugan RP: Dimensional Heroes

    Bendo-Xian Infiltration

    See how few people name their RPs?

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  • Digimaster1

    Discussion of our RPs

    February 25, 2011 by Digimaster1

    Ok, I've noticed lots of people are writing RPs again. Also, some people haven't named their RPs. I was thinking we should have pages that explain our RPs, like how Bakugan Wiki has pages for Battle Brawlers, NV, GI, and MS. Also, don't make fun of other people's stories

    Mine-Bakugan RP: Dimensional Heroes

    Bendo-Xian Infiltration

    helixdrago900-Dimension Destruction

    DM-Legend of the Hybrids

    Winx-Winx's Tales RP Style

    Wow, I'm the only one who used the word Bakugan in my title lol

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  • Pyrusbrawler900

    We had waited for half of the next day. I was half wishing for action, and half wanting to get more sleep.

    Drago: This is boring. I think they aren't letting us battle because they STILL think we're not the Kaitar.

    Me: We can't know for sure if we are. But I have to agree with you on that one. Maybe the Kaitar is foretold to disobey orders?

    Drago: Ah, if we're the Kaitar, we'll eventually prove it. Go ask questions.

    Me: I'll ask if we can scout. Then we might see some action!

    Drago: Ok, but don't get us in trouble. You have an almost supernatural skill for that.

    Me: Yep...the one skill i DON'T want...

    I went from offiicer to officer. Some were nice but said no, others were downright nasty, and one said "Go home."

    I decided to talk to Parunu.

    Me: He…

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  • Pyrusbrawler900

    Me: What are Kaitar? Who are you? What is the problem here? I don't mean to sound like an interrogator, but, well, we kinda got brought here on very short notice.

    Drago: We are willing to help if this is important, but we have a job to do! Give us some answers!

    Me: Or we WILL leave.

    Parunu: I'm sorry for the short notice, and you will get answers. There's so much to explain, I don't know where to start. But, I DO know of your quest, and how important it is. I must tell you, this is just as important.

    Me: Tell us everything. We've seen some weird stuff before, this won't blow our minds.

    Drago: And we have experience.

    Parunu: We know. The question is, do you?

    Drago and I looked at each other, bewildered, but said nothing.


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  • LaserGhost

    hi welcome to my new story (first one actually)! it features aCLEAR as an attribute.

    {One night The brawlers were together at dan's house}

    Dan:Did ya see the Masked man calling himself "The Mask"?

    Shun:Yeah i heard he is a brawler.

    Marucho: Yeah but we never met one who actualy saw him

    Keith:I met one

    All of them:WHO?!

    Keith:Someone Called Ren Crawler

    All of them:REN?

    Keith:Yes He also Faced him in a brawl.....

    And lost.

    Dan:This new guy is a pret-

    The Mask: Pretty Tough Guy huh?

    Dan: You are the Mask?

    The Mask: And i Challenge you to a brawl

    Dan: Bring it on!

    Mask:BUT if you lose.....

    Yr Drago will go back to his very first Evoulution : Delta Dragonoid!


    Mask:You heard me!

    Dan OK BRING IT!


    Dan:Bakugan Brawl! C…

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  • Pyrusbrawler900

    It was a normal day. Nothing out of the ordinary. Training to beat Razenoid, watching movies with Drago, that kind of stuff. Until the time my Facebook was hacked. Not much for Bakugan, huh? WRONG!


    Me: Drago, get up! My Facebook was hacked! I have like a billion new friends that I DON'T EVEN KNOW!

    Drago: What? Show me some profiles! This can't be good.

    Me: Ok. What the ****? Vortecius? Destrokorton? What are these?

    Drago: They sound like Bakugan names. But I never heard of these guys! This is nuts...

    Suddenly, we got a chat message from Terikuta. If that's not a stupid name, I don't know what is.


    We were freaked out. Drago wanted to talk more, but we finally agreed it wasn't a good idea. We logged o…

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  • SaluteMeImWinx

    Winx's Suggestion..

    February 22, 2011 by SaluteMeImWinx

    Ok a suggestion. Do you think we can put like our RP character/Bakugan likes and dis-likes? If you got any other suggestions, feel free to post comments about it! Winx/ Blue Dragon,Bakugan and Pokemon are my favorite animes!!! Got a problem?!?!?!? DEAL WITH IT!!!!!!!!! :P 22:26, February 22, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Bendos the Silent

    Last time, Bendo and Slax began their brawl. Slax pulled out his ECAPAC trick, which increases the power of Crawlobra's Thunderlocker. Even with that, Phos managed to win the first round. And so, the battle continues...

    Did you really think that ECAPAC trick would work like last time?

    Slax: I was hoping so.

    Well, Phos can withstand that now, so I'd say this is about wrapped up. Gate Card set! Bakugan brawl! Let's go, Pyrus Infernado Phosphos!

    Slax: Bakugan brawl! Bakugan stand! Finish this, Haos Slashix Crawlobra!

    Ability activate! Blade Slasher!

    Phos: Sliced cockroach, anyone? (Gauntlets on arms convert to 10 foot long blades)

    Slax: Ability activate! Wrecking Stinger!

    Crawlobra: (Uses tail is a sword, deflecting Phos's blades)

    Phos: (Hisses, and b…

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  • GaiaDrago

    He is dead

    February 19, 2011 by GaiaDrago

    Hey guys,this is OUT of rp but has something to do with it.Since Warilord is Dead,i need an RP antogonist to Resurrect Warilord,which will evolve into zombie.It needs to be from YOUR stories.Any one wanna take a Dead/Alive drago?

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  • DarkusMaster

    DM's Two Teams

    February 18, 2011 by DarkusMaster
    • Darkus Phantom Dharak
    • Pyrus Battalix Dragonoid
    • Stealth Aranaut
    • Darkus Sprayzer
    • Darkus Glotronoid

    • Darkus Cyclone Percival
    • Haos Mutant Elfin
    • Subterra Bolcanon
    • Darkus/Pyrus Titanium Dragonoid
    • Pyrus Iron Dragonoid
    • Darkus Iron Dragonoid
    • Darkus Razenoid
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  • GaiaDrago

    Brother VS brother

    February 13, 2011 by GaiaDrago



    Unilord:Nonsense! combination adam LOST against ouratimate!

    Warilord:Uncautioned blow! (uses CA's dark power,Destroying multikor.)

    Planiking:ARGHHHHHH! IT BURNS!

    Unilord:Are you that dumb? You are forcing YOURSELF an evolution! and have awakened the Tartademon 9th!

    (In tartix)

    Tartademon the 8th:It's time for shredzer to Be the 9th Demon!

    Shredzer:(Morphs into the 9th Tartademon) REVENGE,OURATIMATE!

    Kraken:Ha,this is even better than morphing From Scaboid to Kraken!


    Terror:Time to break some walls!

    Stealthranus:I am READY to clone!

    CR:HA HA HA!!!!!

    (Back in battle)

    Warilord:Darkon Blaster+Exoskeleton! (Morphs into ZT)

    ZT:Time to destroy Pyronia!

    Unilord:nebula Fire+ Exo skeleton! (Morphs into V…

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  • Digimaster1

    In a virtual battling environment known as Bakugan Dimensions Interspace(BDI), there is a teenage boy named Brawley X Masterz, he normally goes by Masters. He is a powerful Bakugan brawler with his partner, Pyrus Helix Dragonoid, aka Drago. About a month ago, a huge mechanical beast invaded the BDI but was defeated by Masters and his team; the Bakugan Elite Core Brawlers(BECB). After defeating the beast, Masters' Pyrus Cross Dragonoid absorbed the remaining energy and became Helix Dragonoid. Right now, Masters is in a science room with some of his friends.

    Me: “This is kinda boring.”

    Phantom: “I know, not much going on.” Phantom is the second in command of the team and a close friend of mine.

    The computer in the room was beeping.

    Me: “One mess…

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  • Bendos the Silent

    Last time, Slax and Bendo discussed a proper scene for their battle. They decided on their brawling site, and now, the true battle begins...

    (Walks into the tournament arena) Exactly as left.

    Phos: Hey look, it's that dent in the wall from where I pummeled Crawlobra!

    ... I doubt it.

    Phos: It has a bug shape...

    That proves nothing.

    (A teleporter pad flashes, and Slax appears) So, we meet again.

    Slax: Apparently. I suggest skipping the chat, and starting the battle.

    For once, I agree with you. (Eyes narrow)

    Slax: (Grins, and holds up a Gate Card) Gate Card set!

    (Watches the Gate Card expand on the field)

    Slax: Bakugan brawl! Go Haos Slashix Crawlobra!

    Crawlobra: (Stands)

    Bakugan brawl! Rise Pyrus Infernado Phosphos!

    Phos: I'm going to make you hurt, cockr…

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  • SaluteMeImWinx

    (Read part one to get a better understanding of this please)

    In the last part, Winx,Kelvin,Hydro,Stella and Solar went to go find Dave on the Subterra planet.But they ran into some problems. Getting hit by earth rocks and crashing. Find out what will happen next!!!

    (Setting: On the Subterra planet.)

    (Status: Everyone is knocked out)

    Solar: (Wakes up from nap) AHHH The ship is damaged! And everyone is knocked out!

    (Solar tries to get out)

    Solar: (Grunts) GRRRR Can't get out!!!

    (Solar tries to wake up Stella)

    Solar: WAKE UP STELLA!!!!! I NEED HELP!!!!!!!

    Stella: (Growls and grunts) What? We crashed!

    Solar: Yeah. Now lets try our Moonia Magic Combo!

    Stella: OK!

    Solar: The power of light!

    Stella: Power of wind!

    Solar: LIGHT BURST!!!

    Stella: WINDING BLAST!!!! …

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  • Bendos the Silent

    Last time, Sphinxus, Eaglator, and their partner battlers ambushed Bendo and Phos. Phos was losing, until a mysterious dragon took Sphinxus out with one shot. Now, Slax has had enough, and is planning for his departure...

    (Scene is at Xia)

    Slax: *Sigh* These "warriors" have done nothing but fail me...

    Crawlobra: (Opens on Slax's shoulder) Perhaps we'll have to be the ones to crush Bendo.

    Slax: If only it was that easy. Luck always appears to be on his side...

    Crawlobra: You're referring to that strange dragon that saved them from Sphinxus?

    Slax: Yes. That thing appeared powerful...

    Crawlobra: He must be powerful, if he can take out Sphinxus.

    Slax: (Stands up, and puts a finger to throat) Zarin.

    Zarin: (Voice heard by Slax) Yes, sire?

    Slax: Prepare m…

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  • DarkusMaster

    Previously posted on RTW.

    • Darkus Cyclone Percival: M.S. guardian. Serious, agile, doesn't like jokers (pretty much the reason why he takes a (slight) disliking to Elfin and Bolcanon).
    • Subterra Bolcanon: Secondary guardian. He doesn't like to work, but he's really quick at his job if he needs to. He's kind of a slacker. He likes to tick Cyclone off by taking his Crosstriker when Bolcanon has his own Sonicanon.
    • Darkus/Haos Mutant Elfin: The Preyas of my M.S. team (Hades was the Preyas of my G.I. team). She sticks around Cyclone most of the time. Bolcanon often jokes that she has a crush on Cyclone, to which Elfin slams Bolcanon to the ground using her Hammermor.
    • Darkus/Pyrus Titanium Dragonoid: The tactician of my M.S. team (Battalix was my G.I.…

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  • LaserGhost

    Pics to Use!

    February 4, 2011 by LaserGhost

    The Y was here Talk to him if you dare! 19:29, February 4, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Bendos the Silent

    Last time, Bendo, Con, and Phos were on a scout mission to find any Xian intruders. They ran into Zarin and Hextis, and a battle ensued. Bendo won round 1, and the brawl continues...

    Gate Car set! Bakugan brawl! Rise Pyrus Infernado Phosphos!

    Hextis: Bakugan brawl! Go Darkus Vibro Sphinxus!

    Zarin: Bakugan brawl! Let's go, Ventus Eaglator!

    Ability activate! Infernado Stream!

    Phos: (Begins blasting Eaglator with poison)

    Zarin: Ability activate, Thunderhead Shield!

    Eaglator: You fail! (Protected by a shield of clouds)

    Phos: Or do I... (Flies through the clouds, and uppercuts Eaglator)

    Eaglator: OOF! (Falls back)

    Hextis: Gah... Ability activate! Chaos Orb Shock!

    Phos: Huh? (Hit by Sphinxus)

    Hextis: Got him now... ability activate! Soul Trap!

    Phos: (Knocks …

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  • Bendos the Silent

    Last time, Bendo and Phos were ambushed by Farinx and his Bakugan Narbola. Phos managed to defeat Narbola, and the Xians retreated. Later, Slax sent Hextis and Zarin to attempt a sneak attack on Bendo. Read on to see if his plan works...

    Phos: (Watching a scanner) Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

    Con: This isn't like the Xians...

    Hmm... perhaps we need to go on a scout mission.

    Con: Good idea.

    Phos: In Zoomeon, right?

    Of course. We'll bring the Battle Armor just in case. (Palm opens, and Zoomeon appears)

    (Zoomeon goes to real form)

    Phos: (Turns to Bakugan form, and jumps in the cockpit) Hop in!

    (Grabs Con, and jumps onto the side)

    (The ship lands on Zindiga, and Zoomeon takes off)

    Phos: (Watching) Hmm... this seems more like a joy ride than a scout missi…

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  • Drullkus

    (at the Dharak hive, siren sounds)


    Gamma: What?!

    Omega: OH EM GEE!!! NOT THAT!

    Delta: Let's beat them up!

    Halo: ... Seriously?!

    Devil: Another dumb drill.

    Halo: (slap)

    Devil: ... Fine, I'll follow the drill.



    All but Devil: (facepalm)

    (at the Distortion Dimension)

    (passageways are all twisted, so is the gravity)

    Careful guys, then last thing I need is a lost teammate.

    (ahead of us)

    MegaH: (sees Flash Helios in cyro-pod and opens cyro-pod)


    MegaH: Calm down... When we're all together... We'll talk about it.

    (my team comes)

    IT'S THEM!


    FH: Agreed!

    (they esca…

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