Drago is a Bakugan that belongs to Masters. He is Masters' Guardian Bakugan.

Drago is currently Lumino Dragonoid



Power Level

Neo: 1000G

Helix: 1200G

Lumino (current): 1300G


Neo DragonoidEdit

His Neo Dragonoid form has not been seen, but he was born from the Perfect Core.

Neo Dragonoid true

Neo Dragonoid in Bakugan form

With that power, he had a Power Level of 1000Gs. He can take on his opponent's attributes. Drago eventually became Cross Dragonoid and Helix Dragonoid.

Helix DragonoidEdit

After becoming Cross Dragonoid and joining BDI, a powerful robotic arsenal of weapons and Bakugan power attacked. It had powers of all six attributes. Between the brawl, Drago absorbed the remaining power of the nearby Bakugan and evolved into Helix Dragonoid. His new power defeated the Mechanical Beast.

Lumino DragonoidEdit

Drago is currently Lumino Dragonoid. Since he evolved 3 times, his Power Level is 1300Gs. He maintains his attribute changing abilities but he usually does not use them. Masters uses Drago in every brawl.

Battalix DragonoidEdit

While fighting Duncan and his Brawlacus Dharak, Drago was weakened and Masters was worried. The power of a special Fusion Ability transformed Lumino Dragonoid into Battalix Dragonoid which helped Masters defeat Duncan.

Fusion FormsEdit

FireStorm Hawk DragonoidEdit

Drago fused with Phantom's Ventus Hawktor in Bakugan RP: Dimensional Heroes episode 2, Tag Team Fusion for the first time and they became FireStorm Hawk Dragonoid. He appeared many times in battle.

Pyrus Strike DragonoidEdit

When in a difficult battle, Masters used a Pyrus only fusion. Using Drago and Pyrus Strikeflier, they became Pyrus Strike Dragonoid.