Exo-Mecha Cybro is Zindiga's prized creation. It is a knight-like Bakugan that was used in the great Zindigan-Xia war. A new replica is built every year, and is given to the winner of the Zindiga Battle Tournament (ZBT for short), along with a Zindigan Gauntlet.


Exo-Mecha Cybro looks much like a knight. It has 8 large blades on its back that were designed to cut through any substance. It looks like a Darkus Bakugan, but it can change to any attribute. It is very life-like, but it is mechanical.

Ability CardsEdit

  • Time Ripple:
  • Nebulous Blade: Adds 500 Gs to Exo-Mecha Cybro.

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