Infernado Phos

G Power

1200 G


Pyrus-Haos hybrid



Hunter Phos

Infernado Phos

Infernado Phos is Phos's second and final evolution. He evolved from Hunter Phos.


He evolved in his battle against Mercury. He was losing, so he used the power of a power reservoir to evolve. Due to that, he was able to use Ultimate Viper to destroy Mercury before he could carry out his evil plans. His Battle Gear is still Hydricer, but it may be upgraded in the future.


His evolution only involved three major changes. He now has three tails. Minor changes include his poison becoming much more effective, and other small things. His loyalty to Zindiga has become much stronger, and he is much more fearsome in combat. Finally, his size has grown much larger. He now stands 5 feet higher than before.


Phos's temper has become less forceful, and he overall acts normal. He doesn't use the phrase: "You have angered the hydra." any more. As said in his changes, he is more loyal to Zindiga, and much more fearsome in battle. He is also slightly wiser, and doesn't do as many reckless things as before.


He will make his debut appearance in Old Enemies Return, and battle against Narbola.

In Sneak Attack, he will battle against Sphinxus for the first time, and Eaglator.

In Showdown, Crawlobra will return, and do battle against Infernado Phos.

In Haunted Shadows, he and Bendo will learn about their true mission, from a spirit.

In Wormhole Tracking, he and Bendo try to track down Space Typhoon, and he goes to train while Razen and Ripper brawl against Narbola and Eaglator.

Ability CardsEdit

  • Ultimate Viper:
  • Python Crushdown:
  • Triple Spitfire:
  • Blade Slasher:
  • Infernado Stream:
  • Infernado Reflector:
  • Crimson Lightning:
  • Infernado Wave (Infernado Cascade):
  • Infernado Eruption:

Hyper Ability CardsEdit

  • Phosphate Cannon:
  • Infernal Nightmare:
  • Viper Bind:

Fusion Ability CardsEdit

  • Venom Flash:


  • He didn't get an evolved Battle Gear. He still uses Hydricer.