Mercuritron is a strange Bakugan discovered by Bendo. He was called Mercury for short. His origin is unknown, and most of his data was wiped out. He was killed by Infernado Phos, after Phos realized he was lying to them all along.


Mercury's original form is very humanoid, but he is made of a liquid-metal that allows him to shapeshift into any other Bakugan. His weakness is unknown for now. He looks a little like an Exo-Mecha Cybro.


Mercury is as old as time itself. Many do not trust him.

Ability CardsEdit

  • Death Energy:
  • Zygon Razor:
  • Melt Trap:


  • He can detach into 5 separate parts, and link with another Bakugan to give the Bakugan extra weaponry.
    • When he does this, it seems that equipping to the Bakugan speeds up its evolution rate, as seen when Mercury linked with Hunter Phos, and made him evolve. (Along with the help of a power station)