Mirrornoid is an ancient Bakugan from the world of Czar-xhan. This mesterious Bakugan was the property has been the propert of royalty since the first Bakygan fell to the planet


As a sphere, the Mirrornoid is black and red and silver with some red, however it has no attribute. Once open, ten wings, four needles, and a tail unfold over the oposing Bakuagan. It's true form is even more menacing, however, as it is a massive creature that has elements of Dragonoids and Serpentoids. While it's body is more upright like Apollonir, his read and armor is more similar to Serpentiod.


Mirrornoid has only a few original attacks, such as slashing with it's tail and claws, or using balls of energy. However it's greatest abilities have to do with copying the opponent.

  • Aura Claw: Slashes the enemy with his razor sharp claws.
  • Tail Swipe: Uses his tail in the same way as Aura Claw.
  • Dragon Flare: Fires a ball of energy at the enemy from his mouth.
  • Mirror Mirage: Coppies the enemy's attack and throws it back at them.

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