Nano Drones are a type of Battle Gear. They have the ability to turn into a mechanical Trap-like Bakugan. When a battler wants to convert a Battle Gear to a Nano Drone, they summon a Battle Gear, then type a button that sends a jolt of electricity through the drone, awakening it. They were invented by Bendo. They are often used when a brawler is losing, and they need back-up.


Nano Drones take on the power level of their Battle Gear base level, plus half of the power of the Bakugan they are battling with. This technology also works with BakuNanos, and BMAs, but Battle Gears are the best kind of Nano Drones to work with, as they are easiest to convert into a drone.


Each Nano Drone takes on a different appearance. For example, Hydricer looks a bit like a 4-legged Apexeon.


Even as a Nano Drone, a Battle Gear can only use their Level 1 ability without a Gate Card enabling them to use Level 2. Also, Nano Drones can't combine power levels with their partner Bakugan. This makes them an easy target for opponents. On top of all that, a player does lose Life Points if a Nano Drone is defeated.


If a Nano Drone is defeated, they go back to their Battle Gear form, and reconnect to their partner Bakugan. This makes it so that an opponent must defeat it twice in order to win. Also, each one contains a special ability. A brawler can use this in battle to give them an advantage. For example, Hydricer's ability is the ability to double the Gate Card's effect.

Known Nano DronesEdit

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