PD is one of DM's five Guardian Bakugan. He is a Darkus Phantom Dharak.


PD prefers battling alone, but when he needs assistance, he calls the help of Linehalt. PD uses Lansor as his main Battle Gear, but he also has a Vicer that he hasn't used in months.

PD is DM's main Darkus Guardian. He is always there when things get rough.

During most missions, he sits on DM's right shoulder while Battalix/Blitz sits on DM's left.

Brawling InformationEdit

  • Base G-Power: 850 (main), 900 (pods open)
  • Secondary Battle Gear: Vicer

Ability CardsEdit

Dark Light: PD's wings open in ball form. PD's pods open in real form, cloaking the field in a dark mist. PD's eyes then glow red to allow him to see, and he gains 300 Gs.

Darkness Waver: PD gains 300 Gs.


  • PD is DM's weakest Bakugan when he's first rolled onto the field, seeing as the wings/pods (ball/real form) don't open right away.
  • He and Linehalt are the most competitive Bakugan on DM's team, as they always want a battle.
  • Strangely, they've never brawled each other.