Stealth Dharak (abbreviated as S. Dharak) is one of DM's five Guardian Bakugan.


Dharak is DM's main Guardian Bakugan. He was the Bakugan that convinced DM that he was Gundalian. His main Battle Gear is the BakuFusion known as SpartaNukix.

During the War for Vestal, DM and Battalix were working on reversing the virus that DarkusAlpha accidentally planted in Beta City's computer system. To buy himself enough time, DM tossed Dharak to DarkusAlpha to help fend off the virus. It was then where DarkusAlpha combined a Spartablaster and a Nukix Gear to create Dharak's BakuFusion, SpartaNukix. After Vestal was taken over by the Gundalian Enforcement, Dharak was handed back to DM with SpartaNukix in tow.

Dharak currently resides in DM's Vestal Estate with Battalix, CD, and several other Bakugan.

Brawling InformationEdit

  • Base G-Power: 900

Ability CardsEdit


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