Slax was Bendo's rival and enemy, until he was snapped out of Hexticon's control.

Information & HistoryEdit

Before the war, Slax was a kind ruler. He always cared more about the people than himself. But when Sphinxus took control of him, Slax turned into a power-hungry maniac. Under mind control, he disguised himself as a Zindigan, and trained Bendo, attempting to get him to join Xia when he was fully trained. After Bendo refused, they became enemies. His Bakugan is Slashix Crawlobra, and is a Haos brawler. He becomes the leader of Xia's High Council, and declares total war on Zindiga. After years of war, he uncovered the secret of The Hearts, and turned his attention to finding them. Bendo remained oblivious to this, and soon after Slax's betrayal, found Phos. They battled again, and Bendo won after many ties.


  • Haos Slashix Crawlobra
  • Gold Thunderlocker (Battle Gear)
  • Haos Irisca
  • Haos Glotronoid

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