Strike ver2
Vital statistics
Title Masked Brawler
Gender Male
Race Unknown
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Strike is a mysterious Character. His other personality is Counter.



He wears a white coat and a black mask. Somehow he is able to warp in dimensions and time. He had mentioned that he used to live in out of all Dimensions and out of any Time for Infinity.


His first appearance was never shown. It was known that he killed Counter.

He later appeared after Corbin and Meia's battle. He challanged Corbin to a brawl, in which he defeated him. Corbin, in his jealousy, attacked Strike and tried to kill him, but Strike was able to dodge the attacks by warping himself. In the battle Strike wounds Corbin and proceeds on killing him, but then Meia appears and saves him. Strike then summons clones from different dimensions and reveals that he can actually control time. He was able to send Corbin and Meia to a Different Dimension, where they find a weakened (but alive) Counter.

In episode 00?1, he revealed himself as being Counter.

In episode 00?2, Jade becomes his apprentice.

In the next episode, he got Rick Rolled by her. In his anger he warped himself to a different contuinity.


Counter/Strike's Cards.


Opponent Outcome
Counter Win (Not Shown)
Corbin Win
Jade Newmoon Win