The Hearts are two ancient crystals with the power to waken Zindiga and Xia.

The StoryEdit

Eons ago, Zindiga and Xia were two power-hungry beings. They fought for eternity, until they realized they were to evenly matched. They found a way to morph their life forces into crystals, and with their fading strength, they launched these crystals, known as the Hearts, into a black hole, hoping they would land in a place where nobody could find them, and awaken the two again. After that, Zindiga and Xia went into a deep hibernation. Their forms eventually transformed into planets, and became able to support life. The beings born on each planet were war-like, and hated each other from the start. The new Zindigans and Xians discovered the Bakugan not long after the humans did, and began using them to brawl. Xians found 6 Bakugan, each of a different attribute, that had a lot of power each. They were known as the Xian Minor Gods. They were quickly sent into battle to defeat the Zindigans. Just when it looked like the Zindigans were going to lose, a powerful Bakugan named Phos appeared. He was given to Bendo, Zindiga's top brawler. The two proved to be more powerful than the Minor Gods, and quickly turned the tide. Then, the Xian leader Slax heard about the Hearts, and set his sights on finding them. Bendo soon discovered that the Xians were searching for the black hole that swallowed the Hearts. He set his sights on tracking the Hearts down as well. And so, the story continues in Xian Infiltration...

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