He is Helixdrago900's guardian, has a Sonicanon, and frequently double teams with Zenthon.


He is much like in the show with a strongs sense of honor, but is more like humans in some ways. He enjoys food but rarely has a chance to eat it. He loves brawling, so much that it annoys me sometimes, but we get along perfectly. The other differences from the show are he swears a lot like me, and makes jokes alot like me. He usually makes slightly funnier jokes, but im not jealous.


Dragon Strength

Titanium Rumble

Dragon Hard Striker

Dragon Force Striker

Titanium Strength

Core Buster

Metal Barnum

Blazer Spiral

Titanium Supreme

Blazer Saber

Sonicanon AbilitiesEdit

Sonicanon Striker

Sonicanon Shockwave

Sonicanon Ripple Breaker

Sonicanon lvl 4(needs to be named)

Sonicanon CombosEdit

Using the sonic wave to spread and enlarge his flames.

Sonicanon Fusion: Fuses a standard blast with any ability, causing epic damage.

Wall of Sound: Reflects an attack with the use of sonic waves.

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