Here's the battle between me and the Zindigan Supreme Prophet. The winner gets the prototype of the latest Battle Armor tech, and leadership of Zindiga.

(The Zindigan Destroyer lands on top of the Supreme Prophet's castle, crushing it)

Guard: Sir! We must evacuate!

SP: Fine! (Coughs up smoke) Let's go! MOVE IT! MOVE IT!


(Gets out of ship) Hello, Supreme Loser.

SP: That is no way to treat your leader.

Crawlobra: (Pops out of pocket) You aren't our leader, and you never will be. So shut your mouth, and get brawling.

(Puts on a Zindigan gauntlet) I did come here to brawl you.

SP: Very well. (Puts on gauntlet)

Gate Card set! Bakugan brawl! Go Haos Crawlobra!

Crawlobra: Let's get this party started! (Screams sonic waves)

SP: So this is Zindiga's most powerful beast? No match for science. BAKUGAN BRAWL! Rise, Cybro!

Cybro: (Making mechanical noises as it rises)

Crawlobra: Scrap-heap.

SP: Ability activate! Nebulous Blade!

Cybro: (Grows a sword and slashes at Crawlobra)

Ability activate! Jolt Charge!

Crawlobra: (Glows brightly at charges at Cybro)

Cybro: (Smashes into the ground, and head rolls off)

I must not have told you. I didn't make that Cybro as powerful as a real one, my leader.


Crawlobra: Let's go.

Gate Card open! VICE LOCK!

(Chains wrap around Cybro's remains, and hold them in place)

Crawlobra: AND NOW...


(Gauntlet glows) Ready, Thunderlocker.


Crawlobra: I HAVE THE POWER!

Battle Gear ability activate! Thunderlocker Zindigautma!

Crawlobra: Say goodbye! (Blasts Cybro, and blows it up)

SP: NO! (Gets hit by the blast, and is blasted miles away)

Foolish old man. Crawlobra, or job is done.

Crawlobra: Fine. (Returns to my hand)

(The Zindigan Destroyer is boarded, and takes off, into space)

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