Last time, Bendo and Phos were ambushed by Farinx and his Bakugan Narbola. Phos managed to defeat Narbola, and the Xians retreated. Later, Slax sent Hextis and Zarin to attempt a sneak attack on Bendo. Read on to see if his plan works...

Phos: (Watching a scanner) Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Con: This isn't like the Xians...

Hmm... perhaps we need to go on a scout mission.

Con: Good idea.

Phos: In Zoomeon, right?

Of course. We'll bring the Battle Armor just in case. (Palm opens, and Zoomeon appears)

(Zoomeon goes to real form)

Phos: (Turns to Bakugan form, and jumps in the cockpit) Hop in!

(Grabs Con, and jumps onto the side)

(The ship lands on Zindiga, and Zoomeon takes off)

Phos: (Watching) Hmm... this seems more like a joy ride than a scout mission.

Keep your eyes peeled though. We don't need a distraction...

(On a mountain cliff nearby)

Hextis: (Watching Zoomeon) Now, Sphinxus.

Sphinxus: (Rises from behind a boulder) Ready.

Hextis: Ability activate! Chaos Orb Shock!

Sphinxus: (Charges bolts of energy in hands)

Hextis: Fire!

Sphinxus: (Launches the blasts)

(The blasts hit Zoomeon's wheels, and they explode)

Phos: WHOA!!

What could destroy Zoomeon's wheels?!

(A shadow looms over Zoomeon)

Zarin: Only a blow from an Xian!

Eaglator: Typhoon Fist! (Flies towards Zoomeon at an incredibly fast speed)

Ability activate! Infernado Core!

Phos: (Glows with red energy, and smashes into Eaglator in mid-air)

Eaglator: Whoa! (Plummets down)

Hextis: Sphinxus, ATTACK!

Sphinxus: (Grabs Phos from behind) Get ready to hurt.

Two on one?!

Con: Not for long. Throw me in!

Sure. Bakugan brawl! Rise Haos Contestir!

Con: (Stands)

Ability activate! Bolting Glow!

Con: (Blasts Sphinxus)

Sphinxus: That... tickled.


Phos: Get off of me. NOW.

Consecutive ability activate! Infernado Wave, and Triple Spitifre!

Phos: (Other 4 heads come out, and spit venom all over Sphinxus)

Sphinxus: Gah! (Releases Phos, and falls back)

We're going to bring a world of hurt... (Summons Hydricer) Battle Gear boost!

Phos: (Equips Hydricer) OH YEAH!

Battle Gear ability activate! Hydricer Gaia!

Hydricer: (Firing blasts at Sphinxus)

Sphinxus: (Taking hit after hit, but seems to have no effect)

Hextis: Sphinxus is invincible. You're not going to beat him. Ability activate! Prejudice Shield!

(A shield protects Sphinxus)

Zarin: Ability activate! Tempest Down!

Eaglator: (Creates a tornado, and it whirls after Phos)

Oh yeah? Ability activate! Infernado Reflector!

Phos: (Sends the tornado back at Eaglator)

Eaglator: Whoa!!! (Blasted into ball form)

Zarin: Grr... (Life Force: 40%)

Hextis: I knew Eaglator wouldn't stand a chance... let's go Sphinxus! Ability activate! Night Howling!

Sphinxus: (Blasting bursts of energy from mouth at Phos)

Con: Look out! (Jumps in front of Phos, and is hit by the blast)

Phos: CON!!

Con: That one hurt... (Falls over, and goes to ball form)

(Life force: 70%) Con... you'll pay, Sphinxus.

Phos: Here's a world of hurt coming your way...

Ability activate! Meteor Rain!

(Meteors begin falling from the sky)

Sphinxus: Hextis, I need some help!

(Meteors smashing into Sphinxus, knocking him out)

Hextis: (Life force: 40%) Grr... gotta win this.

(Catches Phos) Ready for more, Xian scum?

To be continued... in Sneak Attack 2/2...

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