Last time, Sphinxus, Eaglator, and their partner battlers ambushed Bendo and Phos. Phos was losing, until a mysterious dragon took Sphinxus out with one shot. Now, Slax has had enough, and is planning for his departure...

(Scene is at Xia)

Slax: *Sigh* These "warriors" have done nothing but fail me...

Crawlobra: (Opens on Slax's shoulder) Perhaps we'll have to be the ones to crush Bendo.

Slax: If only it was that easy. Luck always appears to be on his side...

Crawlobra: You're referring to that strange dragon that saved them from Sphinxus?

Slax: Yes. That thing appeared powerful...

Crawlobra: He must be powerful, if he can take out Sphinxus.

Slax: (Stands up, and puts a finger to throat) Zarin.

Zarin: (Voice heard by Slax) Yes, sire?

Slax: Prepare my ship for departure.

Zarin: Right away, sire.

Slax: (Takes finger away from throat) I think it's time you had a rematch with Phos, Crawlobra.

Crawlobra: Can't wait.

(Scene shifts to the Zindigan Destroyer)

(At a computer, watching a video) What is it...

Phos: What are you doing?

I'm trying to figure out some information on that dragon that saved you from Sphinxus.

Phos: I recall making out someone on its back.

Really? Must be someone's Guardian, but who?

D. Con: (Pops head in) Guys, we got a call from Slax's ship. He's still there.

Hmm... what does the leader of Xia want... (Walks to the video monitor)

Slax: Hello, Bendo.

Spare me the kind greetings, and get to the point.

Slax: Very well. Crawlobra has been wanting a rematch with you and Phosphos. Perhaps a brawl now, would be suiting.

You know me. I wouldn't decline.

Slax: Excellent. You may decide the meeting point.

I find it suiting that we brawl in the same arena as the last battle between Phos and Crawlobra.

Slax: Very well.

(Monitor turns off)

Looks like Crawlobra is going down earlier than we thought.

Phos: Yep. I'm ready to kick his can.

I know you are. Now, let's go.

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