Last time, Bendo and Slax began their brawl. Slax pulled out his ECAPAC trick, which increases the power of Crawlobra's Thunderlocker. Even with that, Phos managed to win the first round. And so, the battle continues...

Did you really think that ECAPAC trick would work like last time?

Slax: I was hoping so.

Well, Phos can withstand that now, so I'd say this is about wrapped up. Gate Card set! Bakugan brawl! Let's go, Pyrus Infernado Phosphos!

Slax: Bakugan brawl! Bakugan stand! Finish this, Haos Slashix Crawlobra!

Ability activate! Blade Slasher!

Phos: Sliced cockroach, anyone? (Gauntlets on arms convert to 10 foot long blades)

Slax: Ability activate! Wrecking Stinger!

Crawlobra: (Uses tail is a sword, deflecting Phos's blades)

Phos: (Hisses, and bites Crawlobra)

(Thinking) Phos has never been this engaged in battle with Crawlobra...

Slax: I don't see why you put up such a fight. You will fall soon enough.

Sure I will...

Slax: Ability activate! Quake Fury!

Wait, that's a Subterra ability!

Crawlobra: (Turns to Subterra)

What the...

Crawlobra: (Hits the ground, making an earthquake)

Phos: Whoa! (Keeping balance)

Slax: Ability activate! Vector Waterfall!

Crawlobra is using Aquos and Subterra too... but how?

Slax: Crawlobra is the Haos Xia God, and his special ability allows him to change attributes. I knew you'd like that trick.

(Face palm) Oh jeez...

Slax: What's that?

Don't you know... that you should check one's Gate Card?

Slax: Oh no...

Gate Card Open! Hungering Flames!

(Field is surrounded by flames, and gravity is increased)

Crawlobra: (Falls onto the ground, and the flames rush towards him)

Phos: This is like a warm bath.

Ability activate! Infernado Eruption!

Phos: (Lets loose a huge explosion)

Crawlobra: Oh... crap. (Eyes widen, and is hit by the explosion, knocking him out)

Slax: NO!!! (Life Force: 0%)

(Catches Phos) Now... we know who is superior.

Slax: (Collapses) How could... I lose... (Suddenly stops)


Slax: (Starts laughing)

Phos: He doesn't sound like himself...

I hate asking this... but are you OK?

Slax: Foolish Zindigan. (Voice sounds like two mixed together)

What the...

Slax: (Suddenly screams in agony as a dark cloud moves out of his body)

(The cloud forms into a figure)

And... you would be?

???: My identity is of no concern to you. But soon, my power will be strong enough to destroy Zindiga, so beware. Zindiga shall be crushed, and you can't stop me! (Figure disappears)

Well. That was... different.

Phos: Yeah... but he threatened my home. He's going down hard.


To be continued in the next episode... Haunted Shadows...

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