If you want to star in this RP, comment below.

Here's the plot: "Long ago, a race of Elite Bakugan known as 'The Hybrids' were a well-respected race with little problems with the other Bakugan, if any. However, a dark group known as 'The Anti-Hybrids' devises a plan to take the Hybrid Bakugan's power. As they attack, a Pyrus/Darkus Hybrid flees the area, coming in contact with a Gundalian. His Bakugan gladly accept this Hybrid into the group, as does the Gundalian himself, and the Hybrid is named 'Titanium'. As they go on with their lives, they come in contact with numerous members of the Anti-hybrids, ready to seize Titanium by all means necessary. Will the Gundalian be able to protect Titanium? Only time will tell."

What do you think? The idea was given to me by Masters. DarkusMaster 14:33, February 26, 2011 (UTC)

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