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  • Darkus Cyclone Percival: M.S. guardian. Serious, agile, doesn't like jokers (pretty much the reason why he takes a (slight) disliking to Elfin and Bolcanon).
  • Subterra Bolcanon: Secondary guardian. He doesn't like to work, but he's really quick at his job if he needs to. He's kind of a slacker. He likes to tick Cyclone off by taking his Crosstriker when Bolcanon has his own Sonicanon.
  • Darkus/Haos Mutant Elfin: The Preyas of my M.S. team (Hades was the Preyas of my G.I. team). She sticks around Cyclone most of the time. Bolcanon often jokes that she has a crush on Cyclone, to which Elfin slams Bolcanon to the ground using her Hammermor.
  • Darkus/Pyrus Titanium Dragonoid: The tactician of my M.S. team (Battalix was my G.I. tactician). He prefers staying out of battles, but will not hesitate to lash out with his Bomaplode. He's calm, but has a short temper.
  • Darkus/Pyrus Infinity Helios: The powerhouse of my M.S. team. He won't hesitate to get into a fight, especially when he can use his Hyper Pulsor. Being a Bakutactix, he's highly unpredictable.
  • Darkus Mutant Helios: Twin brother to Pyrus Mercury Dragonoid. He is the bad-tempered one of the two. The two share the BakuNano "Slingpike".
  • Pyrus Mercury Dragonoid: Twin brother to Darkus Mutant Helios. He is the mild-mannered one of the two. The two share the BakuNano "Slingpike".
  • Darkus Axellor: Cyclone's BMA, but sometimes stolen by Rubanoid.

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