It was a normal day. Nothing out of the ordinary. Training to beat Razenoid, watching movies with Drago, that kind of stuff. Until the time my Facebook was hacked. Not much for Bakugan, huh? WRONG!


Me: Drago, get up! My Facebook was hacked! I have like a billion new friends that I DON'T EVEN KNOW!

Drago: What? Show me some profiles! This can't be good.

Me: Ok. What the ****? Vortecius? Destrokorton? What are these?

Drago: They sound like Bakugan names. But I never heard of these guys! This is nuts...

Suddenly, we got a chat message from Terikuta. If that's not a stupid name, I don't know what is.


We were freaked out. Drago wanted to talk more, but we finally agreed it wasn't a good idea. We logged out and talked.

Me: Kaitar? Sounds like something out of bionicle...

Drago: You can't be serious. Bionicle doesn't exist.

Me: I know. That makes it more weird...


I logged into Facebook to get answers. The only answer I got was a new friend called Parunu. He sent me a message.

Parunu: Await the signal.

Me to Drago: The signal?

Drago: Is it THAT?

My computer had shut off.


After a long examination and multiple attempts to start it up, we gave up and decided to take it for repairs later.

Drago: We need more information! Maybe Parunu doesn't speak good english. Maybe he mistranslated?

Me: What about Terakuta? How do we beat him?

Drago: We have Razenoid to worry about.

Me: What if he turns out to be a serious problem?

Drago: Then we fight. We can't leave a big problem unresolved.

Me: Exactly what I was thinking. For now, let's watch TV.

After 5 minutes, the TV shut off.

Drago: WHAT?

Me: ok, now i know this is the signal. But what do we do? And how do we know Parunu's a good guy?

Drago: How do we know THAT isn't deadly?

Me: Ohhhhhhhh crap. HANG ON TO THE DESK!

A giant vortex had opened up and was pulling in any living things in the room. Zenthon seemed to count, so he was holding on tight.

Zenthon: Vortex not deadly. Release your grip.

Me: Do it! We can't hold on much longer! Just in case, GO TO MONSTER FORM, BOTH OF YOU!

There was a huge explosion that somehow didn't affect my room(not that it normally does) and we were sucked in. There was one guy, standing in front of us.

Parunu: I am Parunu. I have brought you here because we need your help. You must help us, Kaitar.

To Be Continued...

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