Vibro Sphinxus is a Bakugan. He used to belong to Bendo, until he betrayed the Zindigans along with Slashix Crawlobra, revealing that he was Hexticon's Bakugan.


Sphinxus was one of the first Bakugan to exist on Xia. He grew a strong lust for power, and he slowly began to take control of both planets. However, an ancient Bakugan named Halo Dragon sacrificed itself to imprison him in the Xian Heart. However, when the Xian Heart began leaking energy, it leaked Sphinxus's life force, and he was reborn. He had grown new powers, such as mind control, and he brainwashed an Xian named Hexticon. Together, they took control of Xia's ruler, Slax. They used Slax to declare war on Zindiga. Then they used the war as a smokescreen to search for the Hearts. So far, they haven't found them.


He is something out of a nightmare. He wears a sphinx-like mask, that covers his hideous face. He possesses the Darkus attribute, and can create black holes, and storms of darkness. His Battle Gear is Crossfire.

Ability CardsEdit

  • Dark Vortex:
  • Prejudice Shield:
  • Death Caliber:
  • Orb Glow:
  • Night Howling:
  • Hyper Power Cannon:
  • Chaos Orb Shock: