Xian Inflitration is the RP series showing the fight between the Zindigans and the Xians. There may be up to 20-40 episodes in all.


The story starts after the war has begun, and two of the Xian Minor Gods have died already. It portrays Bendo, Zindiga's war hero, single-handedly fighting 4 Xians. At first it is a strand of brawls, then it turns to finding The Hearts.




  • 1: Old Enemies Return- The start of the series in which Bendo brawled against Xia's Aquos brawler, Farinx. Farinx lost the first round, then looked like he was going to win the second, until Fateful Judgement, a Gate Card, saves Phos from losing.
  • 2 & 3: Sneak Attack 1/2 & 2/2- Slax sends Hextis and Zarin to attack Bendo at the start of this episode. Bendo uses Phos and Con to battle against Eaglator and Sphinxus. Con is taken out early, and Phos manages to defeat Eaglator. Sphinxus begins to gain the upper hand, until a myserious glowing dragon appears, and takes Sphinxus out.
  • 4-6: Showdown 1/3, 2/3, & 3/3- Slax gets tired of his brawlers losing against Bendo, so he goes to battle him to get vengeance for their past. He loses, and reveals that he is being controlled by an evil force of some sort.
  • 7: Haunted Shadows- A mysterious girl appears, and shows Bendo his true mission, other than fending off the Xian invaders. He then begins to pursue a black hole known as Space Typhoon.

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