The Xian Minor Gods are the "children" of Xia. There is one of each attribute.

Pyrus GodEdit

The Pyrus god was known as Novaton. He was killed early in the war. He resembled a cross between a Ziperator and a Farakspin.

Subterra GodEdit

The Subterra god, Brutior, was also killed in the war, after Novaton. He was much like a Sabator.

Haos GodEdit

The Haos god is Crawlobra. He is one of the two remaining gods to evolve. He is much like a Longfly.

Darkus GodEdit

The Darkus god Sphinxus is the most powerful of them all. He has no resemblence to any Bakugan, and his true face is said to be so deathly, a permenant mask was put on him.

Aquos GodEdit

The Aquos god, Narbola, is a lobster-like Bakuagan, and resembles a Lythirius. He often teams with Eaglator, the Ventus god.

Ventus GodEdit

The Ventus god is Eaglator. He is a bit like a Hawktor and Raptorix cross. He is sneaky, and maneuveres easily in the air.

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