Zindigans are a group of gifted, alien engineers.


Zindigans have two forms. A fake form, and their real form. Their real form is forbidden to be seen. All that is known about their real form, is that it can cause death just by looking at it, and is extremely dangerous.


Zindigans have a sort of crystalline skin, covered in claw-like blades. They are often called "walking porcupines" by there neighboring planet Xia. Most Zindigans are talented engineers, and invented a Bakugan known as Exo-Mecha Cybro, which is a Bakugan that was used in the great Zindigan-Xian war, to equip onto Slashix Crawlobra, one of Zindiga's most powerful Bakugan.


Zindigans can see through any disguise, no matter how high-tech it is. Their DNA is so complex as well, that a Zindigan form can't be copied, therefore, nobody can disguise themselves as a Zindigan, or have a Zindigan form. They can also warp time, and travel into the future. They can harness lightning, and shoot it from their hands.

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